10 Things That Are Better to Buy Used

Everyone likes to buy new stuff, but sometimes it makes a lot of sense to purchase used items. Many things are much less expensive – but just as nice – when you buy them used instead of new.

Here are 10 items that are smarter to purchase used:

1. Your pets. With all the animals that are readily available, it doesn’t make sense to spend several hundred dollars or more on a pure bred puppy. 3.5 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year.

* If you just have to own a pure bred animal, you’ll be happy to know that 25% of shelter animals are pure bred.

2. Books. The library is actually your best bet – it’s free! Used bookstores are popular, and there are even used bookstores online. That includes textbooks, too. Plus, selling back your books and textbooks when you’re done makes their final cost even less!

3. Bicycles. New models come out every year and last year’s model will always be marked down. There are also a ton of used bikes for sale that haven’t seen a lot of use.

4. Your home. Existing construction is usually considerably less expensive per square foot than new construction. Many new homes actually lose value over the first couple of years. So finding a nice home in an established area can save you lots of money.

5. Children’s clothing. This is especially true for baby clothes. The clothes are barely worn before they’re outgrown. Some are never worn at all. Used clothing stores are everywhere, and you can save a bundle.

* Remember to ask co-workers, friends, and family: the best clothes are free clothes!

6. Furniture. Many folks don’t want to take their practically new furniture with them when they move. Check Craigslist and look at your local classifieds for yard sales and great deals.

7. Vehicles. A car that’s a year old with 10,000 miles on the odometer can be as much as 30% less than a new car and still has plenty of time left on the warranty, too.

8. Toys. Used toys are widely available at a fraction of the cost of new toys. Keep your eyes open and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Look for them at children’s resale shops and yard sales.

9. Jewelry. New jewelry is much more expensive than used. You could get a great piece for 50% less than new.

10. Tools. Most tools don’t get a lot of use. If you’re not in a hurry, you’re likely to find any tool you need for a lot less money. Flea markets, yard sales, pawnshops, and the classifieds always have used tools for sale. Remember to check estate sales as well.

Don’t be afraid to purchase used items. Be knowledgeable about what you’re buying and you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. The keys to getting a really great deal are being aware of what things are really worth and being patient.

If you’ll get out there and look around, you’re sure to find a great deal. You might even enjoy the process.