5 Great Cities to Find a Job

If you’re growing tired of your job or just want to change the scenery or your lifestyle, you might be willing to consider moving. Sometimes, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone.

Although moving to a new city can be scary, it can also be profitable, exciting, and have profoundly positive effects on your life.

No matter which direction you want to head, there’s likely an exciting city where you can move to find a new job:

1. Austin, Texas. This city has experienced growth and a low unemployment rate. Why? Because big money technology corporations like Dell and IBM have located their headquarters there. A huge selection of universities and colleges are in and around Austin, so you could also find a variety of jobs within those vast educational settings.

* And with the large number of live musicians settling in Austin, it’s rapidly becoming known as another “Music Capital.” If you have a yearning to work in the live music industry, you might find your niche in Austin.

* The cost of living is quite reasonable: according to Forbes, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment for $968.

2. Charlotte, North Carolina. Because Charlotte is in the process of improving its infrastructure, you can get a job working in the transportation, building, or housing industry. The climate is mild and you’ll have fewer traffic snares here than in other cities, simply because of its smaller population.

* With a two-bedroom apartment costing just $790 per month, maybe it’s time you moved to Charlotte.

3. Denver, Colorado. Because of its location near the Rocky Mountains, Denver’s energy-based businesses and industries are thriving and growing. Also, telecommunications are a big deal here. Moving to Denver can also be quite the spiritual experience, given the awesome physical landscape of the surrounding areas.

* The median rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $931.00. For a big city with all the entertainment and shopping Denver has to offer, that’s not too shabby.

4. Seattle, Washington. Looking for cooler weather and endeavor to go to a far corner of the United States? Seattle may fit the bill for you. If biotechnology or engineering are your areas of expertise, chances are you’ll find work in Seattle. Jobs in the aerospace, clean energy and defense industries are popping in this northwestern city.

* With the presence of five universities within the city’s limits, you can also find jobs as teachers, professors, secretaries, office assistants, food service staff, and several other professions.

* Average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,417.

5. Washington, DC. This big city beckons with its rich history, variety of culturally-interesting eateries, great shopping, and incredible museums. What’s not to like about Washington, DC? With literally thousands of jobs working for the federal government, Washington, DC offers a high median yearly income of over $90,000.

* Tourism and education are also booming fields in DC.

* DC was named by Forbes as one of the top most “wired” cities in the U.S. and one of the best places for singles to live.

If you’ve been feeling restless or seeking a job for far too long, maybe it’s time to seriously consider a move to one of these incredible cities. Whether you want to go north, south, east, or west, any of these 5 cities offer great promise in terms of choices for steady employment.