Acquire a Wealth Mindset by Doubling Your Way to a Million Dollars

Here’s a simple Wealth Mindset Game that can take you from absolute poverty to real wealth. In fact, all you need is a penny to get started. Even if you don’t have a cent to your name, you can still try this out; almost anyone will give you a penny if you ask for one.

The program is deceptively simple; you merely acquire a penny and then continue to double the amount of money in your possession until you have a million dollars. Even if you have significantly more than a penny to start with, you’ll actually learn a lot more by starting at the beginning with a penny.

The game is divided into 28 steps. This is great because the first steps are so small that you can’t possibly fail. You learn that you can be successful long before any internal messages of doubt kick in.

Steven Goldsmith, the inventor of this program, also made starting easy, whereas programs with bold claims are often difficult to begin.

Here are the steps:

Step 1 Find a cent lying on the ground, or simply ask for it.
Step 2 $.01 becomes $.02
Step 3 $.02 becomes $.04
Step 4 $.04 becomes $.08
Step 5 $.08 becomes $.16
Step 6 $.16 becomes $.32
Step 7 $.32 becomes $.64
Step 8 $.64 becomes $1.28
Step 9 $1.28 becomes $2.56
Step 10 $2.56 becomes $5.12 (Call it $5 to make it easier.)
Step 11 $5 becomes $10
Step 12 $10 becomes $20
Step 13 $20 becomes $40
Step 14 $40 becomes $80
Step 15 $80 becomes $160
Step 16 $160 becomes $320
Step 17 $320 becomes $640
Step 18 $640 becomes $1,280
Step 19 $1,280 becomes $2,560
Step 20 $2,560 becomes $5,120 (Call it $5,000 to make it easier.)
Step 21 $5,000 becomes $10,000
Step 22 $10,000 becomes $20,000
Step 23 $20,000 becomes $40,000
Step 24 $40,000 becomes $80,000
Step 25 $80.000 becomes $160,000
Step 26 $160,000 becomes $320,000
Step 27 $320,000 becomes $640,000
Step 28 $640,000 becomes $1,280,000

Basic Rules

1. You must ask for or find the first penny to get started.

2. You can only use the money that’s part of the game to earn more money. You can’t supplement with additional funds.

3. During the first 15 steps, you can only use the actual dollar bills and coins that you have generated to that point.

4. If at any time you more than double your money, you must spend the surplus on yourself before you move on. You’re not allowed to use the extra toward future steps.

5. The doubling does not have to occur in a single transaction.

6. You must keep a diary. You’ll learn a lot.

7. Only worry about the step you are on. You’ll figure out a way to deal with the later steps when the time comes.

8. You can’t spend any of the money until you’ve reached a million dollars.

9. If you lose money, you must drop down to the step which can be supported by the money you have left.

10. You can use your own labor, but that won’t help you much in the later steps.

What You’ll Gain (Besides a Million Dollars!)

In playing this game, you’ll learn:

* You can achieve great things, even when you begin with nothing. The only resources you need to get started are a penny and yourself.

* As your money grows step by step, you grow too! You’ll acquire the mindset of the wealthy little by little. With this mindset, you’ll always be wealthy!

* Becoming wealthy is about sales, marketing, and people. You can’t trade your time and labor for a significant amount of money. Most people believe that making a million dollars is about working harder and longer, because that’s the only experience they have when earning money.

* To use a variety of strategies. At the lower levels, you can simply find the money or simply give someone your change and ask for twice as much. But not many people will give you $40 just because you ask. And turning $40 into $80 will require something different than turning $320,000 into $640,000.

* To break huge tasks into small parts. Making a million dollars seems daunting, but the individual steps aren’t unfathomable. That’s the most ingenious parts of the game: the steps are so small initially that no one could be intimidated to get started.

As you’re going through the program, be sure to write down the strategies that you’ve used to accomplish each step. The way your approach varies throughout the game will provide valuable insights as you continue to grow your wealth.

Now get out there and make your million dollars!

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