Save money on house wares by shopping smartly at thrift stores

How Much Can You Save? $10 to $50 on individual housewares and appliances

Making It Work:

Have you ever considered becoming a regular at your local thrift store? There are some great advantages of dropping into your local thrift store every couple of weeks or so.

When you do, you’ll develop a relationship with the clerks. You can share with them what you’re looking for and they can keep an eye out so that the next time you drop in, they can direct you to items of interest.

When you arrive in the thrift store, look around in all the nooks and crannies of the store. Get really familiar with the housewares section. This section can be a real gold mine, depending on where you live.

Particularly in up-and-coming areas, thrift stores often have some of the latest house ware items at better than bargain-basement pricing.

Don’t be surprised if some of the items are in their original packaging and look like new.

Consider these product comparisons for shopping at your local thrift store versus an online or local discount store:

Slow Cooker—The local thrift store has a Rival Crockpot for $9.99. A similar Rival Crockpot at Target was found at a price of $19.99. If you purchase the item at the thrift store, you’ll have an extra $10.00 in your pocket.

Vertical Fan—At the local thrift store, a Honeywell Quiet Set Vertical Fan appeared in excellent condition and was priced at $19.99. The exact same product was discovered at Target for a clearance price of $34.98 (regular price was $49.99). Savings on this item when purchased at the thrift store total about $15.00, when compared to Target’s clearance price.

Food Steamer—Way up on the high shelf at the thrift store sat a Rival Auto-Time Food Steamer in the original box with the booklet inside, all priced at $19.99. Amazon had a similar Rival Food Steamer for $51.80. You’ll save nearly $32.00 on the thrift store steamer.

Breadmaker—Also at the local thrift store, a Toastmaster Breadmaker was priced at $12.99. Checking at Amazon, a similar Toastmaster Breadmaker was priced at $59.00. That’s a savings of about $46.00. You’ll be baking delicious, money-saving bread before you know it.

Special tip: Before you buy anything electrical at the thrift store, test the item by plugging it in at the store to ensure it works. The clerks are usually very helpful if you want to check an item to see if it’s in working order. Also, verify your thrift store’s return policy before buying any housewares.

Check out the house wares for sale at your local thrift shop. You’ll be pleased by the selections as well as the pricing. Save big bucks by shopping for housewares at your neighborhood thrift store!

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