Affirmation – I have sound financial sense

I have sound financial sense.

I am blessed with the ability to make sound financial decisions. I define the direction my money takes so I can achieve the best financial results.

I know how to manage my money. I understand that the financial decisions I make could determine my success in life, so I act wisely. I rely on my instincts to make such important decisions after I carefully consider the advice of professionals.

When it comes to saving, I spend time studying my options. I recognize that some options result in short-term financial success, while others produce far-reaching, long-term results.

I am dedicated to focusing on long-term financial soundness so the future of my family is secure.

My financial sense allows me to know when to spend. I recognize that timing is very important when making spending decisions.

I choose to be patient and wait for the right time even when I am tempted to act impulsively. I know that if it is meant to be mine, I can count on the spending opportunity to present itself again.

Today, I endeavor to continue making judicious financial decisions so I can guarantee a secure future. I commit to maintaining control of my money, confident in my ability to do so wisely.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Do I allow unsuccessful financial decisions to discourage me from making future decisions?
2. Can I manage my finances without succumbing to the stress that sometimes goes along with the responsibility?
3. What factors do I use to determine the best options for investment?

Affirmation – Paying Debts On Time

I honor myself by paying debts on time.

Life can be tough, so I seek out ways to build my self-respect. One strategy I use to honor myself is to pay my debts on time. Although this might sound like a small thing, paying my debts before they are due is very important to me.

I sleep well at night, knowing I do the right thing in making timely payments to whomever I owe. Being prompt with my bills helps me feel good, safe and secure. And I feel powerful whenever I pay my debts on time. Putting in the time and effort to quickly and responsibly repay those I owe is a way to truly honor myself.

Deep inside, I feel that paying my debts on time makes me a better person. I can go through the day knowing that I have taken care of my personal finances. I feel more financially secure. I am so proud of myself for how I choose to manage my money. I honor myself by taking care of my debts as quickly as I can.

Although I have other ways of respecting myself, I find that taking care of my debts has a big impact on how I feel from day to day. I am glad I take a stand to manage my money successfully.

Today, I feel proud of my efforts to pay bills on time. I honor myself by taking my financial debts seriously and vow to always take care of debts immediately.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Is honoring myself important to me?
2. Do I connect paying my debts in a timely fashion to how I think and feel about myself?
3. What can I do to be more diligent about paying bills on time as a way to honor myself?