Shopping Tip – Drugstore vs Department Store Cosmetics

Drugstore vs. Department Store Cosmetics: Is it Really Worth the Splurge?

The high or low debate has been ongoing for decades. But today, you’re going to find out whether it’s worth spending your hard earned dollars on department store makeup brands. In some situations, it certainly pays to make the investment. But in others, you can get away with paying 1/4 of the cost while still looking great!

Below, we’ll stack department store brands vs. drugstore brands and tell you when it’s appropriate to shell out the most cash.

Eye Shadow

Pigmentation in department store eye shadow is much more vibrant. You’ll need less product to achieve an intense look, and often just one or two swipes will do wonders. On the other hand, drugstore eye shadows provide very little pigmentation to even their most expensive eye shadows. Even after applying several times, most drugstore eye shadows will still seem to be opaque.

The Verdict: Department store eye shadow is worth every penny. The pigment is rich and your eye shadow will last longer.


Primers help you create a blank canvas that will hold your makeup in place for hours. There are two types of primers, face primers and eye shadow primers. Generally, drugstore brands have a very limited variety of primers. The primers that are available on the market don’t hold up to their claims.

Department store primers have higher quality ingredients, which is a determining factor when selecting a product that will be applied over the entire face. And department store primers create a second skin for your makeup and prevent your face’s natural oils from penetrating your makeup and weakening its staying power.

Final Verdict: Department store primers are the contender. They’re safer and more effective than their drugstore competitors.


As your foundation is a product that you will use day in and day out on your entire face, it’s best to choose a foundation with the highest quality ingredients. Generally, department store brands provide the highest quality ingredients, which are tailored towards even the most sensitive types of skin.

When purchasing a department store foundation, you’re able to try on the foundation before purchasing the product in order to choose the shade which best matches your skin tone. And you’re also able to return the foundation – no questions asked – in case you have a bad reaction, or simply don’t like the foundation. Furthermore, department store foundations have more staying power, while simultaneously allowing your skin to breathe.

If you purchase a foundation at a drugstore, you must guess your foundation shade from the exterior of the bottle; if the shade doesn’t match your skin, you’re unable to return the product.

Final Verdict: It’s worth investing in a department store foundation as they’re of higher overall quality.


There’s very little difference between the quality in drugstore bronzers/blushes and those found in department stores. Both have high quality pigmentation and staying power. In addition, drugstore bronzers/blushes can be found for $3 to $9, as opposed to the whopping $20 to $40 you’d spend if you were to purchase through a department store brand, such as MAC or YSL.

Final Verdict: Drugstore bronzers/blushes take the cake as they provide the highest value and a near identical quality in both pigment and application.

Lip Products

With the exception of lip plumping products, the staying power found in both drugstore and department store lip products is very similar. While department store lip products may taste and smell better than drugstore lip products, you’re not paying to eat or smell your lipstick – you’re paying to wear it.

The pigmentation varies by brand. Clearly, if you’re purchasing a no-name $1 lipstick from the drugstore, the pigmentation will be horrible. However, a $7 tube of L’Oreal lipstick or lip gloss will provide you with magnificent staying power and pigmentation.

Final verdict: Drugstore lip products provide a better value. Their product is tailored towards quality rather than producing frilly features, such as smelling like roses or tasting like cinnamon. Therefore, they’re able to sell the lip products at a lower price by simply losing the gimmicks that department store lip products are so famous for producing.

You don’t have to spend like a million bucks in order to look like it. The secret to having supermodel-worthy makeup without breaking the bank is to know when to buy low and when to spend a bit more.