How To Reduce Your Prescription Costs

Everything related to medical care is expensive. Medical expenses are responsible for well over 60% of the bankruptcy filings in the United States. Prescriptions can be a significant expense with some pharmaceuticals can cost over $1,000 a week!

If you don’t have comprehensive insurance, paying for your medications can be a real challenge.

Use these strategies to reduce your prescription costs

1. Get the generic. Anytime your doctor writes a prescription, ask if there is a generic equivalent. Generics can be much less expensive and some pharmacies will fill many generic prescriptions for $4! Most of us can afford $4.

2. Ask for price matching. Sometimes your pharmacy will match the price at another pharmacy, even if that other pharmacy does business strictly via mail order. Pharmacies are competitive, just like any other business. It never hurts to ask.

3. Get a phone app. There are phone apps that will compare the cost of your prescription at multiple pharmacies in your area. There are several, just do a search and find one that works for you.

4. Split the pills. Many medications cost about the same, regardless of dosage. So you might be able to buy the prescription at double strength and split the tablets with a pill splitter. You just saved 50% on the cost of your medication.

5. Cut coupons. There are also coupons for many medications. Check the magazines in your doctor’s waiting room. You can also look at these websites: and

6. Find a new pharmacy. Pharmacies frequently offer gift cards as an incentive for transferring a prescription to their store. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you’re not going to pay a lot more for the prescription. Shop around and see what’s out there.

7. Get it online. There are many online pharmacies that tend to be significantly less expensive than local pharmacies. This makes sense, since they don’t have stores and all the related expenses that go along with them.

* What about Canadian pharmacies, where prescriptions cost about 50% less? The FDA doesn’t approve of using this option, and it’s technically illegal to have pharmaceuticals shipped into the country. The FDA claims safety concerns, while others claim it’s merely the pharmaceutical companies flexing their muscles.

* The website can tell you if an online pharmacy meets the legal requirements of US law.

8. Ask for free samples. Pharmaceutical sales reps often provide free samples to physicians. In fact, some physicians refuse to talk to reps unless they provide free samples. It never hurts to ask.

9. Apply for free medications. Medications are frequently made available to those of lower income. You can find low-cost and no-cost prescriptions at If you don’t have insurance, you’re likely to get at least some relief.

There are many options available to reduce your prescription expense.

In many cases, prescriptions can be obtained for a greatly reduced cost compared to what you might be paying now. There is even the possibility of getting your meds for free if you can prove financial need.

If you’re having a financial challenge with your meds, there are solutions. Use the above tips to lower your costs and keep more money in your bank account.