7 MLM Marketing Plan Tips

The MLM business model frequently drives people to either try to cram products down a customer’s throat or to spend a lot of time doing cold approaches / cold calls. However, the marketing side is frequently lacking. It’s a lot easier to get customers from leads that are approaching you, rather than trying to convert a complete and unaware stranger.

MLM is a lot of work. The difference between being successful and coming up short is whether you’re putting a lot of work into the right things. You can dig a hole with a backhoe or your hands. Both can work, but only one is smart. Always strive to be intelligent in your actions. Try to find the best way and then work it hard.

Try these strategies to make your MLM business a huge success:

1. The key is to market, not to prospect. What’s the difference? When you prospect, you’re approaching a stranger that might not have any interest in what you’re providing. When you market, you get people calling you that are already interested; that’s why they called in the first place.

* Regularly spend some time thinking about new ways to reach the people that might already have an interest in buying your products or joining your downline. 10 minutes a day can accomplish more than you think.

2. Be constantly building your list of leads. No leads = no money. By having an ever-growing list of leads, you’ll always have new people signing up. Some will sign-up immediately, others will wait. But someone will always be ready to join you.

* The top producers in the MLM world get at least 100 new leads every day. Keep working at it until you can say the same.

3. Focus on providing high value. The customer is always right. Just like any other business, if your customers aren’t happy, you’re not going to be happy. Focus on their needs first and do so to the best of your ability; word gets around.

* When someone is really happy with you is the best time to ask for referrals. You’ll get more that way! So keeping your customers happy also brings in a continual source of new leads.

4. Find the right niche for you. You’re an individual, so the best niche for you has nothing to do with what worked for someone else. You have your own likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. When you’re in the right niche, your customers and fellow marketers will connect with you better. Remember that it’s all about relationships.

5. Focus on solving problems. People pay money for solutions to their challenges. Whether it’s getting their car fixed or being treated by doctors. Nearly everything everyone buys solves some sort of problem. Focus your intent there and you’ll be rewarded. Again, this puts you in the best position to get referrals, too.

6. Learn from the hyper-successful. There is no good reason to try to figure out everything on your own. Look to those that are very successful and try to figure out what they’re doing. Better yet, ask them. Many highly successful people had a mentor at some point; find yours.

7. Teach your downline these strategies. Because of the structure of MLM, when your downline members use these techniques, your business will grow tremendously!

Can you see how this might be a better way to approach your business? Market your brains out, and then do a great job solving their problems. Word will spread. Focus on generating solid leads, not blindly calling every person in the phone book. Most importantly, find a great mentor. There are a lot of great people out there. Someone will be thrilled to help you.

Remember: it’s all about marketing; leave the prospecting to everyone else!

MLM and Self-Branding

Every MLM businessperson should be aware of self-branding. Self-branding is marketing yourself. It’s important to market everything associated with your business, and that includes you. Many people will buy from you because of who you are and not just because what you’re offering.

It’s a well-known fact that people buy from those they know, like, and trust. Even if a prospect is excited about what your product can do for him, much of his decision is about you.

So let’s see how you can get your beautiful face out front and center.

1. Create your image. It’s not just about putting your name and face on everything you do. You need to decide on what image you want to present. It should truly be you, but it should focus on integrity and your strengths. How do you want potential customer’s to view you?

* Your image should be represented by everything you say and do in your marketing materials. That includes every email you send out, your company letterhead, and every conversation you have. Keep that image constant.

* Give this some serious thought. Consider the type of person with whom you would want to do business. That’s the type of person you want to be. That’s the image you want others to have of you.

2. Get yourself noticed. Whenever you’re marketing your product, include yourself in the marketing. The two are forever entwined.

* Send out regular updates to all your customers and leads. Tell them what you’re doing and what’s going on. If they like you, they’re more likely to purchase from you. Give them a reason to like you.

* Write relevant articles and post them online. Then send links to those articles to the same folks above.

* Attend industry events whenever you can. Shake some hands. Give a talk. Pass out flyers. Make some friends. Do everything you can without being a pest.

3. Become an expert on something. For example, become known as the expert on building an email list or on building a great downline. It’s easier to become an expert on one thing than on ten. The funny thing is, once you’re considered to be an expert on one aspect of MLM, you’re assumed to be an expert on everything related to MLM.

* Being considered an expert carries a lot of power. There is no better way to boost your self-brand among your fellow marketers.

* Another plus is that marketers like to buy information. Sell them products based on your expertise that can help them build their business. You might even make a better living doing this than you do on your own MLM business.

4. Be part of your community. Volunteer. Join your local chamber of commerce. Find something worthwhile to be part of and contribute your time. Not only are you being a good person, but you’re also getting your brand out there in a very positive way. This makes for great material to put on your web page or your email updates.

If you can’t sell yourself, it’s very difficult to sell your products. So work on your self-branding and make it part of your life. Consider every interaction that you have to be an opportunity to present yourself in a way that is consistent with the image you want to project.

Get out in your community and spread the good word (tactfully) about how great you and your business really are. It’s not just about marketing your products; it’s about marketing yourself, too. Give your image a lot of thought; it really is critical to your success.

When your self-brand improves, so do your sales, and your business grows as a result!